chop off

chop off

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  • chop off — verb remove by or as if by cutting cut off the ear lop off the dead branch • Syn: ↑cut off, ↑lop off • Hypernyms: ↑detach, ↑come off, ↑come away …   Useful english dictionary

  • chop off — phrasal verb [transitive] Word forms chop off : present tense I/you/we/they chop off he/she/it chops off present participle chopping off past tense chopped off past participle chopped off to remove something by cutting, especially a part of… …   English dictionary

  • chop off — PHRASAL VERB To chop off something such as a part of someone s body means to cut it off. [V P n (not pron)] She chopped off her golden, waist length hair... [V n P] They dragged him to the village square and chopped his head off. Syn: cut off …   English dictionary

  • Chop off — finish suddenly; put an abrupt end to …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • chop off — Australian Slang finish suddenly; put an abrupt end to …   English dialects glossary

  • Charlie Chop-off — Background information Birth name Unknown (possibly Erno Soto) Also known as Unknown Conviction Never convicted Sentence Never sentenced …   Wikipedia

  • Chop — Chop, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Chopped}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Chopping}.] [Cf. LG. & D. kappen, Dan. kappe, Sw. kappa. Cf. {Chap} to crack.] 1. To cut by striking repeatedly with a sharp instrument; to cut into pieces; to mince; often with up. [1913… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • chop — I. /tʃɒp / (say chop) verb (chopped, chopping) –verb (t) 1. to cut with a quick, heavy blow or series of blows, using an axe, etc. 2. to make by so cutting. 3. to cut in pieces. 4. Tennis, Cricket, etc. to hit (a ball) with a chop stroke. 5.… …  

  • chop — chop1 [tʃɔp US tʃa:p] v past tense and past participle chopped present participle chopping [T] [Date: 1300 1400; Origin: Perhaps from chap; CHAPPED] 1.) also chop up to cut something into smaller pieces ▪ He went outside to chop some more wood… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • chop — 01. Can you [chop] some more wood for the fire? 02. I m going to [chop] up some onions to put in the stir fry. 03. The city had to [chop] down a tree that was growing under the power lines. 04. Why don t you [chop] up the vegetables while I grate …   Grammatical examples in English

  • chop — I UK [tʃɒp] / US [tʃɑp] verb Word forms chop : present tense I/you/we/they chop he/she/it chops present participle chopping past tense chopped past participle chopped ** 1) a) chop or chop up [transitive] to cut something such as food or wood… …   English dictionary

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